With unparalleled harmonies and a unique vocal sound, the dynamic sister duo is captivating audiences of all ages.




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OCTOBER 11 | 7:00PM

Nashville, TN



OCTOBER 25 | 5:00PM

Nashville, TN



Their undeniable connection and genuine spirits both inspire and move.


From an early age, Lindsay and Kasey Staniszewski knew they were born to perform. Music always filled the family home, and their parents introduced them to all genres — from Broadway to country and everything in between. Every chance they had, the young sisters took to the stages, performing in community theatre shows, at local musical events and singing anywhere they could find an audience. Lindsay and Kasey, grew individually, finding their own passions and voices, but the bond and connection they shared as sisters could not be denied.

Determined to take every opportunity to share their talents and make a difference, the sisters each spent a year as state ambassadors — Lindsay as Miss Maryland 2010 and Kasey as Miss Maryland USA 2013. Serving time as pageant titleholders opened doors for public advocacy and served as a platform to share their vocal talents. Performing for national organizations such as the USO, the Wounded Warriors Project, the Children's Miracle Network, the Girl Scouts of the USA and the Special Olympics brought the sisters a sense of purpose — one that remains at the core of their values as musical artists.

The Marilynds believe in staying true to who they are and to the values instilled in them from a young age — a message they hope to share with their fans, young and young-at-heart. Despite struggles with bullying, both in school and in the workplace, and challenges that could have easily broken their spirits, they have never lost their determination and passion.

As best friends, they are truly unbreakable. As sisters, their bond is stronger than ever. And as a duet, their music rings powerful and true — both vulnerable and yet, with an undeniable vocal power that cuts through to the heart. The Marilynds are making their mark in the entertainment industry, sharing their love for a truly universal language — music — and their voices with the world, note by note.


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